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If you're looking for a classroom setting to use for continuing education, energy workshops, yoga classes, or the like, please consider our room rental. Pending your needs, the classroom can be outfitted with up to six massage tables and one demo table for an instructor, 20 chairs for auditorium seating, 2 long tables for board room/classroom seating, or a combination to fit needs. There is a kitchen for refreshments and a separate gathering area with ample seating space for breaks. Fast speed wi-fi available for no extra charge.


  • Comfortably accommodates up to 25 participants depending on set-up needs.

  • Conference tables and chairs available at no extra charge.

  • In conjuction with a scheduled event, massage tables require; a $15 rental fee/day.


$65 per 1-4 hours                     $125 per 4-8 hours

Massage Table Rental

We have six massage tables and one massage chair which are available for hire. Maybe you are from out-of-town and teaching a workshop or continuing education class at another facility. Maybe you're a massage student and aren't ready to commit to purchasing your own table. No matter your circumstances, we have the solution. Please note that there is a $100 deposit required. Once table is returned in condition initially rented, the deposit will be released.


$20 per table per day

Room Rental

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